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Our Services

The services we provide fall broadly into the following areas;

Trees and Development

Complete services to Architects, Developers and Home owners, providing tree surveys to BS 5837:2012.

Full CAD facilities.

Presenting expert evidence at Hearings and Public Enquiries.

Tree Condition Surveys

From a single tree in a private garden to large scale tree surveys for Local Authorities and Large Public Bodies.

Assessment of decay in trees, utilising the Picus Sonic Tomography System.

Trees and Subsidence

Detailed advice in respect of potential and existing interaction between trees and built structures.

Tree Preservation Orders

Review of TPO's and professional and expert advice in all aspects of TPO legislation and procedures.

Trees and the Law

Acting as an expert witness in all aspects of trees and the law.

Veteran Tree Management

Current and informed advice based on a holistic approach to the management of Veteran trees.

High Hedge Disputes

Expert advice in respect of high hedges and the relevant legislation, with an emphasis on trying to provide sensible and appropriate guidance to resolve conflicts.